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No Hope 24

Hope 24

I am not sure which member of the Club needs sacking but someone came up with an idea of running in Hope 24, an event run for Charity that involves running round a 5 mile loop for 24 hours as individual or teams.Sounds nice and easy so we all signed up. 

Teams were made up using Facebook and blackmail and the plan was to make a up a team name with the word Yeovil in it so we all knew what teams we had. That nearly worked. We had the following teams:

Yeovil Legends Pete, Lauren, Paul, Darren and Me

Pete is hiding behind Darren 

Team Howes  Tim and Richard

Yeovil Town RRC No-Hope'ers A  Adam, Rob, Oliver, Chris, Paul and JC

Yeovil Town RRC No-Hope'ers B  Simon, Matt, Steven, Matty  and Mark

YTRRC Loopy Ladies Linda, Katie, Louise, Lynne and Anita

Yeovil's Intrepid Fifth Column Richard, Nikki, Simon, Emily and Kimberley.

Los blancos y verdes hermanos Simon, Helen and Nathan 


There was little planning until a couple of days before, at the AGM in fact, right who's going down, when, how much alcohol are we taking, who is taking the kitchen sink. 

Some decided to go down on the Friday and set up camp with the Club Gazebo and Flag and a few tents and then run the local Parkrun on Saturday morning. Well done to those, it look like you had a good time.

Advance Party

The Parkrun Crew

YTRRC are in Town


 On the day itself it started at 12:00 on Sat and would finish at 12:00 on Sun, the race brief was given and then we had a YTRRC photograph. Then the first runners set off full of smiles for their first 5 mile loop around the weaving course.

Pete was in my team and he didn't seem to have a smile when he got on the home stretch, we would soon find out why.

Ok there are a couple of hills (so only two, what's so bad about that). As Linda went past she told us she had done one of the hills.

The novelty of the first few laps were fun and loads of photographs as our runners hit the second hill passing near the campsite and then again on the home stretch as we passed our tent site with the Club members sat on their chairs watching the happy runners and cheering them on.

All keen supporting the runners

Soon food was calling

Pete gave Simon the Club Account 

Soon we had all done our first lap so knew the course, well nearly, some got two or three in before it got dark and then the compulsory head torch was needed. Running in the dark we have all done on Club nights and pub runs but this was in woods, uphill and through mud. Then there was the fog to make it even harder. It was strange running the night ones with head torches all over the place and some getting a bit misplaced.

You also needed a plan for the change over to make sure the the person next would be at the changeover point on time and ready to go. Soon daylight arrived and it was back to slightly quicker laps as you could now see where you were going. The cheering was still there at night around some parts of the course and thanks to them for their effort and our safety. 

Time was counting down and soon 12:00 approached and medal time. The last few were on their laps and some of the teams ran the last lap or part of it over the finish line. As they passed our tents we cheered all teams and runners on. Including Spider Man.

Then it was what YTRRC do best with Cake time. Thanks to Helen and the Camper Van team.    

  It was a great weekend for the Club and the links above will take you to the team results. I have to say what a great effort by all runners, it was very hard work and for some the most they have ever run in a 24 hour period. Also being out there on your own in the dark for some was hard enough before you even added the lovely hills.

I have to say that I never thought a 5 mile loop would so draining on your body, the down hill was as bad as the up hill on your legs. I have a double marathon this weekend and can honestly say I think it will be easier than those bloody hills.

Jonathan decided to have a go at the Solo run and managed 65 miles an excellent effort for someone who has not even run over 20 miles before, he just needs to practice walking up and down stairs for the next few days.  

For all those that took part, well done and you should all be proud of your achievements over this weekend and never forget your friends.


Just some of the remarks posted:

From Matt Driver:

Great effort from the Hope 24 racers. I'm really proud of the effort and commitment from everyone.Brilliant YTRRC again 

From Paul Allen:

So a fun (I think) weekend away at the Hope 24 - which mainly involved as many laps of a very hilly 5 mile trail course in Plympton as possible in 24 hours, with us as a mixed team of 5. Odd to be running by head torch in the middle of the night trying not to trip over a tree root or similar but our team achieved 170 miles which was the target. Well done all, shame to run 35 miles in the day and not get a marathon to add to the tally but a good laugh nevertheless. Thanks to all from YTRRC who made the trip and 'enjoyed' the challenge smile emoticon

From Simon Ian Carney:

I led this team of merry men out at 12pm yesterday afternoon to do battle with the gruelling Hope 24 course and was extremely privileged to lead us back in again for the final lap starting at 11:55am this morning. 8 laps & 40 miles for me personally and 165 total miles across the team over 24 hours and 39mins! Well done Matthew WarrMatthew DriverSteven Gaylard &Mark Gosney for an awesome race, couldn't have asked for better team mates!! 🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻(and thank you Jodie May McCarthy for your team support!!)

From Katie Brooks:

Here's some statistics for YTRRC from Hope 24, with 31 runners, 5 x5, 1x3, 1x2 and our amazing soloist we completed a total of 197 laps, 985 miles, 394 hill climbs, 788 bridge crossings, and about 9 hours sleep. Now that's pretty awesome, well done all smile emoticon

From Louise:

Just to clarify, is that 9 hours sleep between all of us, of which Fez had 7?!!   


I know there have been other races today with club members in but for some reason I need to sleep and just want to get this weekends trip to sunny flat Devon done.

Well done to Frances Swatridge on her 10k in Oxford

Club Calendar 

We are trialing a new Calendar on the Club Google site instead of the website. This makes it easier for others to add to it and easy to change but more people than just me. It can be seen here .  

Club  Events

1. Tuesday Club Night is at YTFC 6:30pm 12th May.

2. Thursday Pub Run is from The Bell Ash  6:30 pm on the 14th May

3. Fri Track Night 6:15pm and Saturday Club Run from just outside YTFC 9:00am 16th May

4.Sunday Long Runs are from Goldenstones at 9:00 am 17th May

5. The next Championship Race is Sun 17th May 10k Jack & Jill Challenge 11.00 am

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